Rukshin vs. Alpacka

The Adventures of Rukshin The Invader (Audio Drama):
Rukshin and Gustavus invade the Trakhnopnop Andromeda – the home of General Adon Alpacka. Using Gustavus’ tentacle army they try to take over the city. Caught with his guard down, Adon Alpacka goes to battle, only to find out Rukshin has kidnapped his trusted assistant.

Dor Sinai – direction, screenplay, voices
Yochai Wolf – Instruments and electronics
Narration recorded at Gagaf studios, by Yosiel “Jo” Amedi, 6 June 2016
Mixed & Mastered by Rukshin

Logo by El Mouch
Cover design by Maytal Yarkoni
Lilach is Groovy

Youtube: Rukshin The Invader
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Rukshin exclusively uses broken down equipment

“No ruler should put troops into the field merely to gratify his own spleen;” The Art of War — Sun Tzu

© All rights reserved to Dor Sinai.