Cold Awakenings

“Cold Awakenings”

Genre: Dark Thriller / Drama. 97 pages.

Inspired by the love of collecting paintings.

Eighteen-year-old Angela and her mother were abandoned by her psychiatrist father when she was eight. Now, he returns and resumes his role as husband and father, after years of unexplained absence. He gives her mother sedatives while she makes every effort to be the perfect housewife. One night a stranger lays siege to their secluded home. The Darrow couple finds ominous letters in Angela’s backpack identifying the stranger to be a patient recently escaped from an asylum.

The Hoover-Men I, II, III

“The Hoover-Men” I, II, III

Genres: Sci-Fi / Adventure / Action. 132, 166 & 135 pages respectively.

Inspired by vacuum salesmen, but with parallel dimensions, and guns.

Synopsis for Hoover-Men I:
Mitch, a straightforward twenty-year-old, spends his time reading and surfing. His best friend George, a shady businessman, also in his twenties, convinces him to travel through parallel dimensions for the same company he works for. Mitch agrees for the sake of their friendship and in order to help George settle a debt that burdens him. At Mitch’s job interview, he realizes that he’s been enslaved by the largest corporation in existence. He reluctantly follows the mission given to him while falling in love with its psychotic CEO – whose life is now in danger. Mitch quickly understands that if the corporation and his CEO lover fall, he and George will fall too. He’s now in a war, no turning back now, on the wrong side of the battlefield, and in love with a dangerous woman.

Marsh Eaglehead

“Marsh Eaglehead”

Genre: Drama / Surrealism / Comedy. 73 pages.

Inspired by the art of René Magritte.

Marsh Eaglehead – a reclusive event organizer – reaches his 45th birthday and his family is scheming a plan to change his life. From his brother – a questionable businessman – setting him up with a strange woman; to an ominous Victorian tea-time meeting with his mother; to a death-defying tennis match against his father; to a funeral that feels more like a trial. This is where reality meets itself, behind the looking glass.

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