Feature Film Project (pre-production)

On a five year mission, two astronauts are each other’s only company. Luke, 50s, devoted Christian, has created an AI called Adam to run the ship and have something to play with. Gary, 30s, righteously degenerate, becomes obsessed with the new crew member. Slowly, Adam begins convincing Gary that Luke, his creator, is actually an artificial human being. Luke’s Christian superiority makes Gary think the AI might be right, test after test, Gary becomes suspicious that he is completely surrounded by AIs; and perhaps, if he won’t act fast, he’ll be replaced by one soon.

Cast & Crew:
Director/Producer (see sample clip above)
Dor Sinai

Line Producer
Nada Savić

Marko Ckonjevic

Adam Davenport – also the voice of Adam the AI

Artistic Statement:
This story came about when writer Jack Fellows wanted to ‘zoom in’ on the relationship of the Hal 9000 computer in 2001 by Kubrick. Writing over the course of several years a full-length theatre play was created. When I spoke for the first time with Adam, telling him about my desire to direct my first feature, he told me he had an idea. Being friends with Jack and helping with the writing, Adam sent me the play. Immediately I knew this manipulative, survivalist AI could be the star of a SCI-FI Shakespearean drama, set in a 5 year journey through space. Besides being one of the best scripts I have ever read, Wraith, though created as a homage, now transformed into a being of its own. A story of a new entity making its place amongst humans in space.

Script and Moodboard are available; the production is currently addressing investors about securing funds.